Brown Audio Labs is a high-end audio equipment company dedicated to the preservation of high-fidelity, with the use of a device that is over 100 years old, the vacuum tube.

I started Brown Audio Labs with the intention of bringing back a technology that for most people would be considered archaic, ancient, and just plain "all washed up", transistors are the way to go, cheap, and reliable,they would say! What more of a reason to ditch tubes than that? There are many reasons, one huge one is THE SOUND!  Don't we want our music to sound the best it can be? Well, at least I do, and tubes are good at their job, they tend to amplify the music in a way that is more pleasing to the human ear.  The harmonics, ,the timbre are much more natural and closer to the actual sound, than transistors can reproduce.


My name is Denny and I've been in and out of the audio industry for about 20 years now. I also attended Cleveland Institute of Electronics for 2 years in the field of Electronics Engineering. 

I have a couple of relatives that influenced me in both, HiFi and electronics, and with a huge interest

in music, both as a performer and a listener, It was only a matter of time that I would begin building my own equipment, and eventually building for others.


Anyway I hope you enjoy browsing my webpage and hope you have a great experience.


Denny Brown